Ben Turiano at the f

Farm Relationships

Although the roasting process itself is relatively short, everything leading up to it requires diligence and patience. Making decisions about which coffees to bring in means our roasting team has established strong farm relationships, a refined palette, and an eye for outstanding coffee.

Ben Turiano at the f

Flavor Profiling

Once a coffee is in-house, it can take several weeks to extract the exact flavor profile we want to showcase. A balanced process combining human touch with technology allows us to then recreate that precise profile each time we roast. Each batch is then cupped prior to leaving our roastery for absolute accuracy and consistency.

Ben Turiano at the f

Conscious Roasting

We roast on state-of-the-art equipment,  including an after-burner for a clean carbon footprint. In continuing our commitment to freshness, all coffee is shipped 1-2 days after roast. In addition, all coffee sold in our retail store is less than 7 days off roast. For total transparency, each hand-packed bag includes a “roasted on date” stamped on the bottom of your bag.

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