August 2019

Joe Bean visit with Christian Starry


After the SCA Expo in Boston, we were lucky enough to have Christian Starry from Truth Trading Company come visit our roastery. Christian has helped us source some lovely single-farm Guatemalan coffees, including the Natural Bourbon from his family's farm La Revuelta.

Joe Bean visit with Christian Starry2019-08-08T11:01:48-05:00

November 2018

An Interview with Ricardo A. Ureña Rojas


How long has your family been farming for? Farming has been in my family for many years: my great-grandfather called Hilario Ureña, a migrant from the Central Valley as many of the people who expanded the country to south, founded the village where we live in the middle of the mountains, San Juan Norte, [...]

An Interview with Ricardo A. Ureña Rojas2019-08-08T10:58:09-05:00

July 2018

An Interview with Freddy Bermeo


For the past two years, we have been sourcing our Peruvian coffee through Jose Rivera who runs Origin Coffee Lab. Origin Coffee Lab is based across Cajamarca, focusing on the Jaen and San Ignacio areas. They believe in quality, sustainability, and traceability – seeing the open dialogue between roasters and farmers as the key [...]

An Interview with Freddy Bermeo2019-09-16T11:17:52-05:00

October 2017

An Interview with Don Roger


By Andrew Cayer Watcher of birds, chopper of wood, slinger of lattes. Before Roger even sat down to talk to us, he was already telling his backstory. The interview had started before I even asked the first question. He began by talking about the man who introduced him to coffee. This man was the [...]

An Interview with Don Roger2017-10-16T15:10:37-05:00

September 2017

Field Report: Trip to Colombia


Last winter, our bar manager Adam and I took a brief trip down to New York City to meet Tyler Youngblood, one of the founders of Azahar—Azahar is a roaster, cafe, and exporter based in Bogota, Colombia.  They focus on small farm micro-lots and community blended coffees; they are a relationship driven company that [...]

Field Report: Trip to Colombia2019-12-22T11:03:32-05:00

August 2017

Gold Mountain Updates: Reflections


For the most part, this past week was work as usual.  I was invited to another cupping session with Ben Weiner on Monday.  After the session, I was brought back up the mountain on the company pickup accompanied by a bed full of coffee chaff.  Many of this will simply be composted, while others [...]

Gold Mountain Updates: Reflections2017-08-03T12:07:39-05:00

July 2017

Gold Mountain Field Report: A Look at the Gold Mountain Family


  What a week!  This week started just as all my previous weeks have.  Tuesday, I continued weeding the viney plants running through the arranches or ground cover of the garden.  These viney plants which I believe are a type of wort, are quite a pain to effectively remove.  I feel like I [...]

Gold Mountain Field Report: A Look at the Gold Mountain Family2017-07-26T14:55:24-05:00

Gold Mountain Field Report: Todo Es Tuani


My spanish is still pretty bad, but I know it’s improving when I can hold conversations with my coworkers for most of the day. I’ve been finally learning more about them instead of just awkwardly smiling, shaking their hands and giving them a timid “buenos dias” every morning. I’m not usually one for small [...]

Gold Mountain Field Report: Todo Es Tuani2017-07-25T12:38:06-05:00

Gold Mountain Field Report: Noise and Perspective


At home, I find I need noise to fall asleep.  Usually the din of traffic outside is enough but sometimes a little music or white noise is necessary.  Here the constant noise of the waterfall and frogs nearby fill the silence until roosters wake me up.  Soon after the rooster's call, the Thrushes start to [...]

Gold Mountain Field Report: Noise and Perspective2017-07-25T12:38:06-05:00

Gold Mountain Field Report: Rain in a rainforest?


It's been raining a lot here the past few days.  Of course, one would expect rain in a forest with rain in its name.  but this weekend, it was especially torrential.  The waterfall next to my house has grown at least tenfold.  As i mentioned in previous journal entries, it is usually tranquil enough to [...]

Gold Mountain Field Report: Rain in a rainforest?2017-07-25T12:38:06-05:00