November 2018

An Interview with Ricardo A. Ureña Rojas


How long has your family been farming for? Farming has been in my family for many years: my great-grandfather called Hilario Ureña, a migrant from the Central Valley as many of the people who expanded the country to south, founded the village where we live in the middle of the mountains, San Juan Norte, [...]

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July 2017

Gold Mountain Field Report: Rain in a rainforest?


It's been raining a lot here the past few days.  Of course, one would expect rain in a forest with rain in its name.  but this weekend, it was especially torrential.  The waterfall next to my house has grown at least tenfold.  As i mentioned in previous journal entries, it is usually tranquil enough to [...]

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January 2017

Honduras Finca El Caracol – A Roasters Perspective


Sometimes when I get into work, there’s a package waiting for me on my desk. Sometimes it’s in a Fed-Ex envelope, or a USPS box.  Once it was in an unmarked red gift bag with ribbons on top. However these coffee samples come to me, they always fill me with hope and excitement. [...]

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August 2016

Taste Makers


It is easy to forget that your favorite baristas at Joe Bean are very busy behind the scenes coordinating other activities or educating themselves to be able to provide a great experience when you walk through the door.  One practice particularly common among those working in the coffee industry and appreciated by enthusiasts is [...]

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March 2016

Behind the Bar with Jim Lake


Behind the Bar is a new series designed to capture the stories and personalities of those who work at Joe Bean. The series is in collaboration with Benjamin Woelk of Slow Road in his ongoing mission to capture the spirit of place and people everywhere. Around the New Year I had the chance to sit down with Jim [...]

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