July 2017

Gold Mountain Field Report: A Look at the Gold Mountain Family


  What a week!  This week started just as all my previous weeks have.  Tuesday, I continued weeding the viney plants running through the arranches or ground cover of the garden.  These viney plants which I believe are a type of wort, are quite a pain to effectively remove.  I feel like I [...]

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December 2016

The Creatives – David Lane


Portrait by Eleni Kontos Whether it’s the space that’s been created, the relationships developed, or the desire to get out of the house, something draws people to places time and time again.  Society calls them regulars but at Joe Bean we prefer to think of them as family. David Lane is no stranger to Joe [...]

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November 2016

The Creatives – Aaron Welcher


Portrait by Eleni Kantos At one point in time the mere mention of a coffee shop brought images of dimly lit rooms with couches and beret wearing individuals engaged in deep conversation. The coffee shop was a haven for creative individuals to connect with others like themselves, away from the rest of the world [...]

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