November 2018

An Interview with Ricardo A. Ureña Rojas


How long has your family been farming for? Farming has been in my family for many years: my great-grandfather called Hilario Ureña, a migrant from the Central Valley as many of the people who expanded the country to south, founded the village where we live in the middle of the mountains, San Juan Norte, [...]

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March 2017

Increasing Transparency in Colombia One Lot At a Time


In December, our green coffee buyer Ben and bar manager Adam took a train to New York City to cup some delicious microlots from Colombia.  In doing so,  they had a chance to meet Tyler Youngblood of Azahar Coffee and hear his story.  Tyler is doing great work to increase the transparency of coffee sales [...]

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Rwanda Koakaka – Rebuilding a Community


After the conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes ended in 1994, the people of Rwanda had to focus their efforts on rebuilding the country's economy.  This created a vacuum created an opportunity for cooperation and healing between the tribes as well as economic growth and recovery.  Since then, members of both tribes have formed [...]

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