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August 2017

Gold Mountain Updates: Reflections


For the most part, this past week was work as usual.  I was invited to another cupping session with Ben Weiner on Monday.  After the session, I was brought back up the mountain on the company pickup accompanied by a bed full of coffee chaff.  Many of this will simply be composted, while others [...]

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July 2017

Gold Mountain Field Report: A Look at the Gold Mountain Family


  What a week!  This week started just as all my previous weeks have.  Tuesday, I continued weeding the viney plants running through the arranches or ground cover of the garden.  These viney plants which I believe are a type of wort, are quite a pain to effectively remove.  I feel like I [...]

Gold Mountain Field Report: A Look at the Gold Mountain Family2017-07-26T14:55:24+00:00

Gold Mountain Field Report: Todo Es Tuani


My spanish is still pretty bad, but I know it’s improving when I can hold conversations with my coworkers for most of the day. I’ve been finally learning more about them instead of just awkwardly smiling, shaking their hands and giving them a timid “buenos dias” every morning. I’m not usually one for small [...]

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Gold Mountain Field Report: Noise and Perspective


At home, I find I need noise to fall asleep.  Usually the din of traffic outside is enough but sometimes a little music or white noise is necessary.  Here the constant noise of the waterfall and frogs nearby fill the silence until roosters wake me up.  Soon after the rooster's call, the Thrushes start to [...]

Gold Mountain Field Report: Noise and Perspective2017-07-25T12:38:06+00:00

June 2017

Field Report – Gold Mountain


Buenos días from Nicaragua! This morning, I took a bus packed full of people from my room to Matagalpa. I'm writing to you from the office of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. My room here is not too far from Finca Idealista, Gold Mountain’s coffee farm. Behind it is a small coffee museum with labelled coffee [...]

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March 2017

Rwanda Koakaka – Rebuilding a Community


After the conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes ended in 1994, the people of Rwanda had to focus their efforts on rebuilding the country's economy.  This created a vacuum created an opportunity for cooperation and healing between the tribes as well as economic growth and recovery.  Since then, members of both tribes have formed [...]

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January 2017

Honduras Finca El Caracol – A Roasters Perspective


Sometimes when I get into work, there’s a package waiting for me on my desk. Sometimes it’s in a Fed-Ex envelope, or a USPS box.  Once it was in an unmarked red gift bag with ribbons on top. However these coffee samples come to me, they always fill me with hope and excitement. [...]

Honduras Finca El Caracol – A Roasters Perspective2017-07-25T12:38:07+00:00

December 2016

The Creatives – David Lane


Portrait by Eleni Kontos Whether it’s the space that’s been created, the relationships developed, or the desire to get out of the house, something draws people to places time and time again.  Society calls them regulars but at Joe Bean we prefer to think of them as family. David Lane is no stranger to Joe [...]

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The Creatives – Seth Eschelmen


This series was intended to celebrate individuals who follow their relentless creative passion. When you talk to Seth Eshelman, founder of Staach Design, its easy to see the passion he has for his work. Creating space is not just about making an area visually trendy or interesting but about designing an area that serves [...]

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September 2016

It’s More Than Coffee


The original line opener for this post was something along the lines of, “the story of Burundi is one wrapped in civil war, colonial rule, and a farmer with two goats and a bicycle”.  While that list briefly describes the events that shaped the coffee industry of Burundi, it doesn’t really get at the heart [...]

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