March 2017

Increasing Transparency in Colombia One Lot At a Time


In December, our green coffee buyer Ben and bar manager Adam took a train to New York City to cup some delicious microlots from Colombia.  In doing so,  they had a chance to meet Tyler Youngblood of Azahar Coffee and hear his story.  Tyler is doing great work to increase the transparency of coffee sales [...]

Increasing Transparency in Colombia One Lot At a Time2017-07-25T12:38:07+00:00

Rwanda Koakaka – Rebuilding a Community


After the conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes ended in 1994, the people of Rwanda had to focus their efforts on rebuilding the country's economy.  This created a vacuum created an opportunity for cooperation and healing between the tribes as well as economic growth and recovery.  Since then, members of both tribes have formed [...]

Rwanda Koakaka – Rebuilding a Community2017-07-25T12:38:07+00:00